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Who? What? Why?

Hi There! I'm Saige, a.k.a. "Saigey", "Saigey Bean", or "Bean".  Welcome to Run Saigey Run!

I am here to share my love of running, nutrition, health and adventure with all of you like minded crazies :). If you didn't already know... I am a RUN NERD. My content will include mostly my running, training, workouts, recipes + nutrition, my take on a healthy lifestyle, adventure, travel and everything in between... or completely random. I also post about my personal life because I am human and it’s likely that if it’s happening to me, it’s also happening to someone else out there. I do this with hopes to connect and engage this amazing community. There is nothing that makes my heart smile more than this community! 

Also, just a disclaimer: I am not a professional runner or nutritionist. I am actually a school psychologist. The content I post on is what I am purely interested in, what has and hasn't worked for me. Everything I post about is in relation to my journey and based on my own personal experience. I am honest and can be sarcastic, so please take no offense. And if you do... well... my deepest apologies. 

Let's run this world!!! 


Running Gives Life

Running is where my heart is happiest. I live, breath and think about running all day, every day. All things that make up my running experience and journey are tucked away here. Race Recaps, Training, workouts, nutrition, strength, recovery, long distance, short distance, and everything in between.